The Oxford-Harrington Rare Disease Centre (OHC) brings together the strengths and capabilities of the University of Oxford in the UK and the Harrington Discovery Institute in Cleveland, Ohio, US. We are united in our mission to deliver cures for rare diseases.

OUR MISSION is to deliver new treatments for the 400 million affected by rare diseases worldwide


OUR GOAL is to deliver 40 drugs in the next 10 years

Worldwide Health Challenge

400 million people across the globe have a rare disease, affecting 1 in 17 people during their life. Rare diseases disproportionately impact children, with a third of affected children dying before their fifth birthday. Patients with rare diseases, and their families, often have a long journey to diagnosis and little hope for a cure. Fewer than 5% of rare diseases have approved treatments. Powerful advances in DNA sequencing, scientific research and drug development will make curing rare diseases a reality.

Modern Rare Disease Research Laboratory

Outstanding science meets world-class drug development

"Our partnership with Harrington Discovery Institute recognises the combined experience needed in world-class science and drug development if we are to change the rare disease landscape in a meaningful way."

– Sir John Bell, University of Oxford