The Team

As a transatlantic partnership, the Oxford-Harrington Rare Disease Centre is supported by teams in Oxford and Cleveland, led by Director Professor Matthew Wood.

The Advisory Board of the OHC comprises Oxford’s Regius Professor of Medicine Sir John Bell, Harrington Discovery Institute President Jonathan Stamler, MD and Oxford Head of Department of Paediatrics Georg Holländer, MD.

Matthew Wood

Professor Matthew Wood




(under recruitment)

Katie Boland

Katie Boland

Program and Brand Manager

Larissa Czupik

Larissa Czupik

Business Associate

Geoffrey Denwood

Geoffrey Denwood, PhD

Research Facilitator

Louise Gillane

Louise Gillane


Tyrone Gordon

Tyrone Gorden

Vice President of Global Development

Lucy Howe

Lucy Howe

Senior Development Manager

Bronwyn Monroe

Bronwyn Monroe

Program Director

Julie Stevens

Julie Stevens, PhD

Programme Manager

Diana Wetmore

Diana Wetmore, PhD

Vice President of Therapeutics Development

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